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Greener Diet, Younger Brain: Mediterranean Diet Slows Brain Aging

Summary: Recent research indicates that a green Mediterranean diet can slow down brain aging.

A new study found weight loss related to this diet reduced the aging of participants’ brains. The participants’ brain age appeared almost nine months younger for every 1% reduction in body weight.

These findings underscore the significant impact of dietary habits on brain health.

Key Facts:

  1. The study demonstrated that a 1% reduction in body weight led to a nearly 9-month decrease in brain age.
  2. This was a sub-study of the larger DIRECT-PLUS trial, involving 102 individuals who met the criteria for obesity.
  3. The research highlighted a green Mediterranean diet, high in dietary polyphenols and low in red/processed meat, as a beneficial lifestyle change.

Source: Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

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