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The relationship between anxiety disorders and the extensive use of mobile phones

Nomophobia, or ” NO MObile PHone PhoBIA” is when a person experiences fear or anxiety about not having mobile phone connectivity. Nomophobia is considered a modern phobia. It most likely stems from increased reliance on technology  and concern over what might happen if you suddenly couldn’t access needed information. While some people may dislike the idea of going without their phone for prolonged periods, others experience fear or anxiety about losing connectivity from their mobile phone, leading to agitation, changes in breathing, and other symptoms.

 Nomophobia is similar to other psychological conditions related to fears of certain things. It also shares a connection with other types of anxiety disorders. Research shows that several potential psychological conditions, such as social anxiety or panic disorder, may appear in a person before the development of nomophobia. However, it is still unclear if the disorder comes from an existing anxiety disorder or from a cell phone addiction.

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