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Sleep Apnea in Psychiatry

Barry Krakow, MD.

Board-certified sleep medicine specialist practicing in Savannah, Georgia, following a 30-year clinical and research career, spearheading the movement to address sleep disorders in psychiatric patients. He is the author of several books, most recently Life Saving Sleep: New Horizons in Mental Health Treatment(Savannah, GA: The New Sleep Times; 2023).

TCPR: What do psychiatrists get wrong about sleep?

Dr. Krakow: Too often they assume that sleep problems are caused by a psychiatric disorder and that sleep will improve if the disorder is treated. They may also teach sleep hygiene and prescribe a hypnotic, but these approaches do not lead to a deeper exploration of the problems. The vast majority of mental health patients with sleep issues are in fact suffering separate or independent sleep disorders, like sleep apnea, nightmares, restless legs, or periodic limb movement disorder (ie, “leg jerks”). 

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