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Is Your Emotional Wellbeing Related to Your Gut Health? New Study Reveals Possible Link in Women

Summary: Gut bacteria have been linked to positive emotions, such as happiness and hopefulness, and good emotion management skills.

Researchers have discovered that people who suppress their emotions have a less diverse gut microbiome, while people who report happier emotions have lower levels of certain bacterium.

Key Facts:

  1. Researchers found a link between bacteria in the gut and positive emotions, healthy emotional management, and better physical health outcomes.
  2. The study included over 200 women who filled out a survey assessing their feelings and how they handled emotions, as well as providing stool samples.
  3. People who suppressed their emotions had a less diverse gut microbiome, and those who reported happier feelings had lower levels of certain bacteria, while people who had more negative emotions had more of those bacteria.

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