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6 ways to reduce your dementia risk

6 ways to reduce your dementia risk

“The most common cause of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease, and the biggest risk factor by far is age. Some people may be slightly more predisposed than others, but we’re all at risk.” The good news? Some dementia risk factors are modifiable, which means we can potentially reduce them. “As a population, if we all [did this], we can reduce the risk of dementia, or Alzheimer’s, by about a third,” says MacSweeney.

Early diagnosis and treatment are also key, so if you are experiencing any possible signs or are concerned about a loved one, have a chat with your doctor.

To mark Dementia Action Week (May 16-22), here are six ways to help reduce your risk of dementia…

1. Physical exercise

2. Challenge and purpose

3. Keep an eye on your hearing

4. Healthy diet

5. Keep an eye on stress

6. Sleep

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